VIDEO: The Bomb Plant: The 3 AM Nightmare

A new web documentary quotes security experts as saying the Savannah River Site, where massive amounts of weapons-grade plutonium and other dangerous substances are stored, is vulnerable to a terrorist attack that could have dire consequences for the entire southeastern United States. The documentary reveals the Site is guarded by a foreign-owned firm with a checkered security record. The radioactive material is stored in aging buildings. The small private guard force must secure hundreds of acres.

Watch the National Security News Service/ presentation by corespondent Bobbye Pyke.

Read the full story, “The Bomb Plant: America’s Three A.M. Nightmare

Bobbye Pyke

Bobbye Pyke

Bobbye Pyke is a Senior at Trinity University in San Antonio. The Texas native is participating in the Washington Semester Program at American University this fall but returns to her home university to graduate with a BA in Communication this spring.

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