To Stop Terrorism – Stop Saudi Arabia

Washington – As pundits offer their views on the shortcomings of President Obama’s plans to deal with ISIS, the subject that does not come up is the nation that has exported this twisted view of Islam throughout the world: Saudi Arabia. So why would President Obama not tackle the Saudi royal family head on and demand they stop their 15,000 very rich cousins from funding the mosques, madrassas, and foundations that spread this perverted form of Islam that has destabilized the world?

The answer is oil and Israel. Continue reading To Stop Terrorism – Stop Saudi Arabia

How A NSNS File Ended Up In Bin Laden’s Library

Recently Greg Palast wrote about a file he received from the National Security News Service after the 9/11 attacks. It was later included in his book that ended up in Osama bin Laden’s personal library. The following explains how that happened.

A week after 9/11 a FBI agent came to the National Security News […]

Boomers’ Environment Guide for Retirement: The Lure of America’s Southeast


After a horrific winter, Northeast and Midwest boomers are coming in waves to seek warm weather in America’s Southeast. Homes in the cold Northeast and Midwest are being sold and, with cash in hand for many boomers, the search is on for a warm retirement location for their golden years.

Most guides to retirement rank places by cost-of-living, climate, cultural offerings or personal interests. Few offer any information on the environment. So before you decide where to invest, it is important to see how prospective communities have handled everything from massive, Chinese-owned pig farms in North Carolina, decaying H-Bomb plants in South Carolina and Tennessee, or antiquated coal fired power plants in Florida. Realtors and developers do not warn boomers about environmental threats lurking near their dream houses in the sunshine. They are either unaware or simply choose not to discuss these issues with their buyers. Continue reading Boomers’ Environment Guide for Retirement: The Lure of America’s Southeast

Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York

California’s Brown Opens Up the Monterey Shale Starting January 15 –

It has been a terrible year for environmentalists. Anti-environmental interests had huge wins in the Congressional midterms. State legislatures became even more entrenched. Republicans, who now control Congressional funding, will challenge relentlessly the EPA.

So if a line in the sand is to […]